Clean & Shine Pack

$66.75 each

Clean & Shine Pack

 1 x 500ml Sulphate-free Shampoo
 1 x 500ml Sulphate-free Conditioner
 1 x 375ml Coat Oil
 Bonus- Rubber Curry Comb + Calico Tote Bag
Sulphate-free Shampoo formulation gives a deep clean, and  rinses out easily. Has anti-bacterial properties to keep the coat in its best condition.

Sulphate-free Conditioner leaves the coat soft, easily detangles the mane and tail and has a wonderful fresh fragrance.

Coat Oil is applied with a soft brush & lightly coating the body, mane and tail.  This not only deters the biting insects but also leaves a beautiful show shine! Can be  massaged into dry areas to help with scurf and give nourishment to hair follicles. 

Rubber Curry Comb- Ideal for lifting dirt and dead skin out of the coat.

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